You’ve been watching it. Every month your electricity bill keeps creeping higher and higher. And now you’re feeling that tight gut of anxiety as the summer heat rises and your AC kicks on more and more. It’s like listening to it drain your bank account.

 The kids running in and out and leaving the door open is driving you nuts. Every time you go out into the garage to get in the car you wonder how much of your cooling dollars are battling the heat out here. This can’t go on.

Let’s get you some relief! Let’s look at how to go about buying a solar panel installation here in Nevada.

The first thing to consider is whether a solar installation would even work for you? And if it did, how would you go about getting one installed?  

Well, it can’t be rocket science. I mean, look at it, these things are popping up like mushrooms all around the neighborhood! 

You have probably talked to a couple neighbors about it, and they wandered you through the woods like half crazed hobbyists with their own home brewery. Passionate to a fault, but making about as much sense as a 13-year-old girl talking about her new TikTok get rich quick scheme.

Let’s get you some real help!

The first thing to do is figure out how much electricity you’ve been using and what it’s been costing you.  Take a look at those past Nevada energy bills. If you’re new to your home, they’ve got an archive of the old usage records for your address. How much did you pay last year?

Not a pretty picture, is it? You paid all those dollars and what have you got to show for it?

Okay, you get it. So, look at how many kilowatt hours of power you use per month. What was the month with the highest usage and what was that actual kilowatt number? This is an important number because when we get ready to talk seriously about having our own solar power unit, something to show for your money, if you will, it teaches the people helping you about what to do.

Next thing is to eyeball your home. Use a really sharp eye. How good is the condition of your roof? Is the insulation in your attic up to snuff? Do you plan to add any additional electronic devices in the very near future or over the course of the next five years?

 Are you seriously considering an electric vehicle? Is your family expanding or do you have some kids leaving home? Are you planning to add a pool or exterior lighting?

Okay. You should now have a pretty good baseline about your electricity consumption and expectations.

Now, let’s take a look at your property. If you were going to put solar in, is there a lot of sunlight hitting your rooftop or the ground where you might be thinking about placing it?

where to place solar panels

Placement is Key

 Are there any issues with workers and equipment gaining access to your property? When in doubt, consider having a drone survey done. They’ve even got software now that’ll take accurate measurements.

You’re actually making a lot of progress.

It’s time for some serious talks if you’re the kind of person who likes to move quickly. Get a hold of a reputable dealer in your area, someone like Sol-Up Solar Installers. They’ve been around for years, have a commitment to excellence, and are technologically driven. Call up or fill out an online contact form and have a FREE consultant come to your home’s location. 

Be prepared with some specific questions:

  • Based on my use of electricity and plans for the future, what system capacity do you recommend?
  • What panel and component manufacturers do you have access to, and which one do you recommend and why? 
  • Do you think I need a battery storage panel?
  • What do you think about Tesla Powerwalls?
  • By the way, is Tesla still price matching?
  • Now, let’s be sure I understand my options in solar panels and prices…
  • How long do you expect installation to take, from start to turnkey finish?
  • Do you offer financing or have a preferred company you send people to?
  • What tax breaks can I realize? 
  • Do you have any programs or incentives to offer me? 
  • Can you give me references of three satisfied customers who have recently used your company?


I don’t know about you, but when it comes to big ticket items, I negotiate. I’m not trying to be rude, especially when I like the representative and the company I’m talking to. I just can’t help but ask, “Is there anything else you can do for me as far as price?”

Research is valuable when done in moderation. Most people get interested in a concept and catch a severe case of “mouse fever” where they keep pushing that mouse and run all over the internet from site to site in an ever-increasing spiral of information overload and conflicting claims. Do what you must but decide on a credible company and get eye to eye with them. 

Make them write it down with a binding quote. Talk is cheap as we know, so the wise among us do business in writing. When you like what the consultant is saying, have them write it up. 

You can sign it now, later, or never; but you at the very least have a written agreement that specifies what you’re getting. Better companies are more than happy to do that. 

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