With the rise in the use of solar panels and large arrays, not only in the United States but all over the world, many different countries are looking to utilize the power of the sun for their energy needs. Some do so in large projects as in the case for the construction of what will be the largest solar array in the world. Others look for more creative ways to incorporate solar panels into their systems as in the case of France and their creation of solar roads. Utilizing solar power contains many benefits, both financially and environmentally.

How You Can Benefit From Rooftop Solar Personally

Save on Your Power Bill

By gaining most of your electricity through sunlight, you will not need to obtain as much electricity through the utility companies. As long as the sun is shining brightly onto your rooftop solar panels, you will be able to run electricity into your house. The only times you will still need to utilize the power from utility companies is during the night, cutting your electricity bill down to a fraction of the price.

The Sun is Free to be Used by Everyone

No one person or company can own the sun or turn sunlight into their own monopoly. The sun will be shining each day no matter what, provided there are no clouds in the sky. It would only make sense to take advantage of this renewable form of energy. There is also reliability in solar production. We have the power to know when the sun will rise and set each day, meaning you will have a predictable estimate of the amount of sun your roof will get each day.

How Solar Benefits the Environment

Help Fight Against Global Warming

Solar panels contain no moving parts that would produce any harmful gasses. The main contributor to global warming is the production and release of carbon dioxide gasses (CO2). As sunlight enters into the solar panel, electrons are knocked free creating an electrical current of clean energy.

No Need to Extract Resources From the Earth

There is only a finite amount of coal and oil in the earth, and at some point, the resources will be depleted. Extracting these sources of energy from the earth can also create environmental hazards through mining collapses and oil spills. As stated before the sun is always shining, provided there are no clouds in the sky. Even if there are clouds covering the sun, your solar panels will be able to create some electricity.

There is one disadvantage that we have to address and that is the fact that the sun cannot shine bright 24 hours a day. During the night, you will have to gain electricity through other forms of power. In response to this disadvantage, the use of solar batteries are becoming more advanced and will be able to store electricity produced by your solar panels to be used during the night. This will allow you to run your house or business off of renewable energy 100 percent of the time.

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