The Best Solar Installation in Henderson 

Those of us living in sunny Henderson Nevada are arguably among the most fortunate people in the world when it comes to accessibility to solar power. We have approximately 310 days of sunny skies each and every year. I’m sure you can quickly see the solar power advantage of where we live over say Seattle, Washington. Clouds, rain, and inclement weather are the enemies of solar power, and we just don’t have that many of them around here.

People everywhere are into solar power!

Committing to solar power and clean energy is a major movement across the world. Owners of commercial and residential units are thinking about it more now than ever before.

Many major casinos and businesses in the area already have 100% renewable energy efficient initiatives and goals in place. For example, the MGM Grand currently supplies 90% of the electricity it requires to operate 13 properties in Las Vegas. Their expansive holdings here include over 36,000 hotel rooms, massive arenas and expo centers, and extensive gaming and retail space.

This one company’s commitment to solar conversion includes a humongous 323,000 kilowatt hour – panel system northeast of Las Vegas. It makes about 100 megawatts annually. That’s enough electricity to power 27,000 U.S. homes for a year! The MGM owns The Mirage, MGM Grand, Aria, Bellagio, and Mandalay Bay to name a few. Oh, and besides the massive solar farm mentioned above, their commitment to clean power includes a huge solar array atop Mandalay Bay.

As the largest private employer in the State of Nevada, they not only reduce the carbon footprint of their commercial Strip operations, but their sentiment trickles down and positively impacts and influences the behavior of a very sizable group of people in the residential sector as well; their workers.

A short drive through most any residential area in the greater Las Vegas Valley reveals a lot of area residents are already on board with solar energy. You’ll see arrays in virtually every neighborhood, usually up on the roofs.

Why does powering our homes with the sun make sense?

  • We save money on the rising cost of power furnished by NV Energy. NV Energy is the public utility company that provides electricity for northern and southern Nevada. Additionally, it supplies natural gas to the Reno-Sparks area. It is a holding of Berkshire Hathaway Energy—yes, that Warren Buffet company. Last year NV Energy enjoyed $3,010,000,000 in revenue! Yep, billions. And you no doubt contributed to that.
  • We add value to our homes. When identical homes are listed for sale, but one has solar power installed, the comparative price is typically higher and better for that one. Buyers see the innate value and appreciate that should they choose to later add a pool, addition, or exterior lighting, the existing solar installation can contribute to keeping overhead lower. Sustainable power is valued.
  • We get tax breaks and incentives right now. Many cities, states, and local governments around the country are offering tax relief, grants, and other assistance for installing solar. Check with yours.
    The Federal government continues to offer solar tax credits. These are updated yearly, so check with your nearby Nevada solar company for current information. As of September 2921, the Federal government is still offering a Solar Investment Tax Credit to subsidize the purchase of solar. Extended through 2023, this program offers financial incentives of 26% to help make solar affordable for homeowners. Solar manufacturers almost always have incentives and sales going on. Competitively shop them and look around for the best deals. Those deals might include lower installation costs, special additives for your system, and friend referrals.
  • We protect the environment. You and I want a clean world where nature flourishes. A place for our children and others to thrive. Solar reduces our carbon footprint, preserving the atmosphere and accordingly the biosphere. As populations grow, our mindful behavior to protect “Spaceship Earth” means better futures.

How much will installing solar power cost me?

That’s the bottom-line question everyone wants answered, so let’s be frank. Installing solar has an initial cost, of course. And that cost is getting more and more economical every year. It’s the volume principle: the higher the volume of things a company produces, the more efficiently it’s accomplished, and the price drops.

In Henderson you can expect to pay roughly $36,000 for a 10-kilowatt system. 

That’s enough power to accommodate the typical 2,200 square foot house. This includes the solar panels, inverters, conduits, mounting brackets, ancillary parts, installation, and guidance in acquiring any needed things like permits and HOA approvals.

Pricing, of course, is affected by variables like manufacturing quality and durability, seasonality, ease of access to your home, your lifestyle, energy consumption, and other conditions.

Credible solar companies offer free consultation and estimates. And many offer excellent financing. Homeowners often work with credit unions and banking facilities as well. Good companies show you everything before you commit to anything.

At the end of the day, solar power is the most competitively priced electricity you will ever acquire. In fact, how would you like to sell power back to the utility company? Ask us about how that works.

We know your time is valuable, your questions are earnest and your decisions are critical.

Sol-Up is your one stop shop for everything you want to know about solar.

We’ll give you

  • a complete overview
  • competitive and specific pricing
  • guidance to current rebates and tax breaks
  • top drawer installation and functionality
  • timely completion

All backed by years of quality service and leadership in the greater Henderson/Las Vegas solar industry.


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