Adding solar panels to your home or commercial property is an excellent money-saving method in the long run. Cutting your energy bills and helping the planet is something we all need to think about more often, but you may be skeptical about how efficient solar panels work in the winter.

During the winter, there is often much less sunlight throughout the day, so how effective will your solar panels be? The truth is, you shouldn’t be letting bad weather discourage you from going solar; the cold weather is actually said to improve the output of solar panels rather than hinder their performance.

Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter?

Cold weather myth debunked

Cold temperatures and white snow can reflect light and help to progress the performance of solar panels in a winter climate. Many people believe that solar energy is going to be much more difficult during the winter months. But if you look more closely into how the system actually works, you will see that this is completely untrue. Solar energy works by harnessing the sun’s energy and turning it into electricity.

Solar panels don’t rely on heat at all to produce electricity; in fact, solar power generation summer vs winter, colder temperatures can actually help improve the performance of solar cells.  When solar panels are only exposed to a few hours of sunlight each day, this will be enough to produce energy for your home or business building.

Angles and positions

Speak to your installer about the optimum angle for your solar panels. You need to ensure there is plenty of surrounding air and ventilation, so the mounting angle may need to be assessed carefully. If they are all installed correctly, they should be able to withstand snow and heavy rain with no problems at all.

As long as you opt for a higher pressure rating, you can have peace of mind that your solar panels can withstand heavier pressures. Even if your area experiences extreme weather conditions, solar panels are now made with all of this in mind. Whether they’re enduring heavy snow or freezing cold climates a high-quality solar system will still operate effectively.

As solar panels are installed at an angle the snow will eventually slip down off the surface naturally over time. Be careful when standing underneath after a lot of heavy snow as it may start to melt off in large quantities, giving you an unexpected surprise.

Cold weather verdict  

So don’t be put off by the combination of cold weather and solar panels; they will work optimally no matter what time of year it is. Obviously, you can expect to create slightly less energy when you have less sunlight, but you won’t notice this during your day to day life. Now would be the best time for you to shop for solar panels, so compare your options and seek out advice from your local installers.

Solar Energy with Sol-Up Is Right Anytime of Year

Winter is actually the perfect time to invest in solar panels as prices are at their lowest for the year. If you’re looking a solar as an investment then you will obviously see peaks and troughs in performance but like any other viable asset.

Now that you know cold weather does not affect the how solar panels operate in the winter, get ready to experience the benefits that solar panel systems offer all year round! Contact Sol-Up today, and someone from our team will help you find the right solar panels for your home or business.

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