Rising inflation is driving us all crazy and everyone is looking for ways to save money and get ahead. Sol-Up can help right now! Save money and make a strong statement about what preserving the planet means to you. Here’s how.

Making electricity for homes is costly and generates pollution.

Did you know the typical three-bedroom 2-bathroom home in Las Vegas uses roughly 10,500 kilowatt hours of power per year? Power, of course, uses up money. The more you use, the more you pay. And unfortunately, when power is made it produces pollution. The more power we make, the more pollution there is. A primary component of pollution is carbon dioxide (CO2). It smothers the planet. It causes warming and climate change. CO2 or carbon pollution is commonly referred to as Carbon Footprint. The increasing impact of CO2 is a concern that registers higher every year on most everyone’s radar.

Carbon Footprint

In general, Carbon Foot printing is a way to track the growth and impact of carbon pollution in the atmosphere.

While carbon dioxide poses a modern-day threat, it has always occurred in the natural environment. Part of the biosphere produces it, while another part captures it and converts it into oxygen, a primary ingredient needed to sustain life on earth. Prevailing thought is that human activity disproportionately over contributes to CO2 pollution. So, the challenge for modern society is to reduce and control the amount of human made carbon being emitted into the atmosphere.

Heating and cooling homes makes a lot of pollution

When looking at the energy use of the average southern Nevada home, we can clearly see a prime example of human impact. We already know the typical home uses roughly 10,500 kilowatt hours of power per year. Generating that power creates 4 ½ tons or more of carbon dioxide for each and every rooftop you see in the greater Las Vegas area! In Clark County alone there are 1,1650,000 households! We’re making a lot of carbon pollution to power homes. 4,000,000-5,000,000 tons! And that happens each and every year. Add the impact of industry and business and vehicles on the roads and the Carbon Footprint is huge!

A better way

Anything we can do to reduce our Carbon Footprint helps the environment and the health and well being of all of us on it.

That’s where Sol-Up comes in. Consider this: installing solar power in homes instead of using power off the grid markedly reduces the Carbon Footprint and saves money for homeowners!

When you go solar, you generate your own power using the sun’s natural energy. Pollution is drastically reduced. If your home’s heating and appliances are 100% electric, your contribution to pollution will drop to almost zero.

Dropping each home’s carbon load substantially improves air quality and quality of life! And it protects the planet. While people may debate shrinking icecaps and global warming, there is no debating the long-term benefits of converting to solar power.

Homeowners who move to solar power have a significant hedge against the constantly rising cost of utilities. They always go up and never come down.

Additionally, there are cost saving benefits to installing solar now. Government tax credits and company incentives are typically available. Check with us today to learn more.

Get professional help today

Contact Sol-Up today to have one of our certified licensed and bonded techs come out and assess your specific needs, costs, and savings. Every home has variables in design and efficiency and every family has different lifestyles that contribute to the use of electricity.

There are a lot of things to consider when evaluating the efficiency of a solar installation for your home including location, the amount of available sunlight, prevailing weather patterns, construction materials, insulation, number of occupants, reliance on electrical devices, electric vehicles owned, and add-ons like swimming pools and water features, landscaping, and outbuildings. Sol-Up’s highly experienced technicians know what to look for and know what questions to ask you to ensure the system you install today can keep pace with the growth you anticipate for tomorrow.

You win with Sol-Up

Sol-Up is helping save the planet one rooftop installation, one yard array, one residential, commercial, or business facility at a time. Conservation consciousness starts with you and Sol-Up.


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