Sol-Up beams with pride as we shine a spotlight on our esteemed partners, Feeding Pets of the Homeless. Celebrating 15 transformative years, this Carson City-based nonprofit stands unmatched in its commitment to assisting the pets of the homeless community. From offering food to emergency veterinary care, their journey has been inspirational, and Sol-Up is proud to be a part of it.

A Mission Like No Other:

Feeding Pets of the Homeless is distinguished as the first national nonprofit specifically dedicated to providing food and emergency veterinary care to the pets of those facing homelessness. Situated in the heart of Nevada, in Carson City, their dedication has rippled across the nation, giving relief to countless lives, both human and four-legged.


Sol-Up’s Pledge:

Every residential solar install project we undertake at Sol-Up is not just about clean energy; it’s about community. A segment of the proceeds from each project goes directly to the cause of Feeding Pets of the Homeless. When you choose us, you’re not just opting for sustainable energy, but also fueling a mission that touches the lives of many.

How You Can Support:

  1. Cash Donations: Your financial contribution to Feeding Pets of the Homeless ensures they continue their noble mission and magnify their reach. Each penny counts towards making a difference. Make a donation today.
  2. Donate Your Unwanted Automobiles: Got an old vehicle gathering dust? Turn it into a gesture of kindness. With an easy and free pick-up service, donating your vehicle is hassle-free. Moreover, every vehicle, irrespective of its condition, is accepted. All associated costs are taken from the gross sales price. In situations where costs surpass the price, they’re taken care of by the donation program provider, CARS (Charitable Adult Rides & Services). Plus, your generous contribution is tax-deductible. Learn more about donating your vehicle today.
  3. Become a Volunteer: As a nationwide entity, Feeding Pets is always on the lookout for dedicated volunteers. Their mission thrives on the commitment of those who offer their time and heart. If you resonate with their cause, join hands and become a beacon of change. Volunteer with Feeding Pets of the Homeless today.


At Sol-Up, we’re more than a solar company. We’re a community. Partnering with Feeding Pets of the Homeless has been an honor, and we invite you to join us in supporting their admirable mission. Together, let’s ensure that no pet, regardless of their owner’s situation, goes hungry or unattended.

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