We’ve all seen that horrifying Youtube video of a plastic straw being pulled out of a poor sea turtles nose.

Since that video went viral social media has been exploding with calls to find alternatives to these non-recyclable, damaging materials. Smoothies with a bendy plastic straw could be harming the planet.

Glass and metal straws have been around for years for individuals to purchase, but they tend to be hard to take on the go and even harder to clean. Because for some beverages, just running water through them doesn’t cut it.

New Kickstarters like Final Straw are solving these issues with foldable metal straws that not only have a convenient keychain carrying case (available in tons of colors!) but also a cleaning squeegee to get out any gunk that may be stuck in it after your favorite blended coffee.

Speaking of blended coffee, Starbucks has made the pledge to fully eliminate plastic straws at all locations worldwide by 2020.

They plan to replace them with a special ‘adult sippy cup’ style lid that they already use for some specialty nitro cold brew drinks. The best part? They are completely recyclable.

This way, you can drink your favorite iced latte, completely guilt-free.

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