Enough Is Enough: The Scary Debate about Net Metering in Nevada

A personal note from Frank Rieger, CEO of Sol-Up

At the same time we had to witness the bizarre debate in Carson City about SB374 yesterday where Nevada law makers were seriously debating a bill to shut down the solar industry in our state, we were confronted once more with shocking pictures of a terrible oil spill in our neighborhood state impressively documenting the frenzy of our overcome fossil fuel based energy generation system.
Enough is enough! It is time that we as the people of Nevada stand up and tell our law makers that we will not accept any more to be ruled by unscrupulous billionaires who see our state as a playground for uncontrolled profit generation while destroying our environment and the future of our children.

Many commentators described the current debate about the future of solar energy in this state as a battle between various industry lobbyists. In my point of view this is a complete misconception. It is much more a fight between common sense and uncontrolled greed, a fight between normal people and reckless billionaires, a fight about democracy and who is controlling this state.

Contrary to what you read in the news, the solar industry is not only represented by large commercial organizations like Solar City or Sun Run but also by a huge number of smaller contractors who offer honest services to home owners, creating a reasonable income for their employees and themselves. What almost all of the people working in this industry have in common is that they share the enthusiasm for something what they know is the right thing to do.

I myself moved to this state 6 years ago from Germany on a mission to bring my knowledge about renewables to one of the best places for solar energy in the world. My organization today employs 20 hard-working individuals who see their future in this industry and can’t imagine doing anything else. Compared to Germany, Nevada offers everything to make solar the clearly best option we have to create the electricity we need. Yet and despite the lousy weather conditions in Germany, solar contributes ten times more to the electricity production in the country than here in the ideal conditions of Nevada. The German utility system also proves that solar energy – even at the periods of highest production – creates no risk to the grid while providing the most important component in the mix of energy production today. Numerous studies have shown that solar does not place an additional burden onto the shoulders of non-solar rate payers. In the contrary and especially here in Nevada, solar helps stabilizing the grid and supports the utility by providing the capacity to cover the peak consumption periods of the day.

Solar energy is clean, easy and affordable to everyone. It is a no brainer for this region and the biggest asset this state has to offer. We need to embrace it and protect it against the small but powerful group of individuals from the fossil industry who have not yet realized that their time is over. I hope I can count on your support!

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