A pair of new analyses add perspective to a picture familiar to Generate readers: China is the straw that stirs the drink of global energy markets, Ben writes.

🗞️ Driving the news: China will account for one-third (!) of global power use in 2025, up from one-quarter in 2015, per the International Energy Agency’s latest outlook.

  • A Center for Strategic and International Studies analysis finds that “global energy prices hinge on China’s economic recovery.”
  • The country’s reopening from COVID restrictions will boost oil and natural gas demand there.

The intrigue: One thing to watch is the ripple effect on European access to LNG to replace Russian gas.

  • CSIS notes that weak Chinese demand last year freed up cargoes for EU markets.
  • “If there is a sharp [economic] recovery this year, the oil and LNG markets will tighten, reviving energy security concerns in Europe and elsewhere.”

Yes, but: CSIS highlights a number of question marks around China’s recovery and energy mix, so the “new normal” on its oil and gas demand is unclear.

📈 One wild stat: In 2000 — not ancient history! — China accounted for 10% of global electricity demand, per IEA, which sees it reaching 33% in two years.


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