In July, one of our nonprofit partners, Feeding Pets of the Homeless, a 501(c)3, held an open house and welcomed the community to their new headquarters location in Carson City, Nevada. The event brought a stream of people who all back the nonprofit’s honorable mission. Sol-Up was honored to take part in the event and speak with the Carson City community about their solar opportunities.


Feeding Pets of the Homeless celebrated its 15th Anniversary with over 100 guests during the open house and ribbon cutting on July 20th, 2023. With donations from across the country, the nonprofit has paid to have over 30,000 pets treated medically. Their donation sites have taken 2 million pounds of pet food and supplies to local food banks in communities far and wide to help feed pets of people experiencing homelessness as well as low-income families with pets.

During the event, Feeding Pets of the Homeless announced that Sol-Up Solar and its channel partners, Meyer Burger and Solar Edge will be installing 30 solar Meyer Burger Solar Modules and 3 Solaredge SE3800 Inverters on the building that the nonprofit was able to purchase through bequests from supporters. Solar substantially reduces their independence on energy on the 48,000 square foot building while reducing their carbon footprint and helping them take their first step in renewable energy.

Furthermore, Sol-Up will also be donating a portion of profits from each installation in Northern Nevada back to Feeding Pets of the Homeless. We’re proud to support their cause, spread the word about their nonprofit, and maintain a partnership that is sure to have a lasting effect on their sustainability.
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