Their phrasing is diplomatic but the message is pretty clear: Several auto giants aren’t convinced the Biden administration’s vehicle carbon rules are realistic, Ben writes.

Catch up fast: EPA yesterday floated draft regulations that would force a huge increase in EV penetration, reaching an estimated 67% of new U.S. light-duty sales in 2032.

What they’re saying: GM and Ford didn’t overtly criticize the rules, but didn’t applaud.

  • GM said it supports a “drive towards an all-electric future,” but added that “complementary policies” including “permitting reform” are needed.
  • Ford also touted its big EV investments, but on the rules themselves said only it will work with EPA on “standards that are good for our customers and communities, the auto industry, and the environment.”

What we’re watching: Various companies’ formal, detailed comments in coming months on nearly 1,500 pages of draft standards and analysis EPA unveiled.

Go deeper: Check out Politico’s helpful “nerd’s guide” to the big proposal.

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