This past year, environmentalists, along with the rest of the world, witnessed the latest the latest solar panel technology in 2018 move forward. With all the advancements, 2019 promises to be an even more revolutionary year for clean technology. See some of the solar energy trends in 2019 and our predictions. We are watching more areas of the world, as well as big companies, embrace sustainable energy generation.

Here are six renewable energy trends that Sol-Up thinks you should be watching this year.

Solar Energy Trends for 2019

1. Energy storage and solar backup

When you couple a storage system with new solar panels, this ensures a smooth and steady power supply and peace of mind for the owner. Because weather conditions are not optimal for energy generation, energy storage and backup are essential. The obstacle with solar energy right now is that when there is no sunlight, there goes your power source.

Energy storage is projected to be the main component of all new energy technologies moving into the future. This is because it serves as both utility-scale and residential energy storage solutions.  Batteries are the most common storage devices used in with solar energy systems.

In 2019, you can now choose from a variety of solar backup options like a Tesla Powerwall, as we are certified to install this battery option. This push in energy storage technology is still expected to continue to improve.

2. Microgrids

Microgrids are a small network of electricity users with a local source of supply. That is usually attached to a centralized national grid but is able to function independently. Microgrids are beneficial because they provide energy independence and efficiency. They also protect during emergencies. Microgrids will help with solar panel efficiency.

3. Big businesses will go solar

With the increasing benefits of solar energy, big corporations are looking to get on board. Not only are there environmental benefits, including limiting the rise in global temperature, these large companies can also benefit financially.

There are cities all over the world that that are using high percentages for their energy production from renewable energy. With this trending in corporate companies, many are joining the movement and are increasing to vocalize goals of the solar energy generation.

4. Blockchain

More than a year ago to stabilize the power grid, the first blockchain project was designed in Europe. Now in 2019, there will be an increase in discussion over blockchain technology’s role. However, blockchain exists in theory. Now, the question is, can it come to fruition and how will the energy sector successfully decentralize?

Blockchain was originally a system in which a record of transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency was maintained across several computers that linked in a peer-to-peer network. The functionality of blockchain allows for eliminating the middle man of electricity suppliers. Blockchain also reduces energy inequality and inefficiency and empowers consumers to buy and sell energy from other consumers directly.

5. State and local government policies will have an impact

The U.S. federal government incentives are beginning to pay a bigger role, but there is a need for regulations in states. The state and local governments will need to create a focus to improve climate efforts. Collectively there is a boost in their renewable energy policies in response.

There are several states that have a huge desire to increase their renewable energy goals, with some areas expectation being 100% renewables. We are already seeing municipal governments that are beginning to introduce renewable targets as well.

6. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity will be playing a bigger role now more than ever. As technology is more prominent not just in corporations but in homes, people will evaluate risks to their panels, networks, and all energy sources.

This term will continue to grow and be familiar in discussions as technology increases and the scale of demographics on who is utilizing renewable energy also goes up. Everyone will be looking to manage and bring a clearer understanding of the different types of attacks that can disrupt service and what our boundaries are to protect themselves.

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With Solar energy trends in 2019 , now is the time to switch to solar power. Sol-Up is here to help you make the transition. Contact Sol-Up to learn how to install solar panels in Las Vegas. We know that solar energy is the future.

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