April’s global climate statistics are in, and three of the main temperature-tracking groups found that the month was the fourth-warmest April on record, Andrew writes.

Driving the news: The most recent agency to weigh in is NOAA, whose findings echo Europe’s Copernicus Climate Change Service and NASA.

  • NOAA also found the January-April period stands as the fourth-warmest on record.

Zoom in: In addition, the Southern Hemisphere had its warmest month of any month on record, NOAA found, and related to the rapidly developing El Niño, global oceans were the second-warmest of any month.

Between the lines: NOAA pegs 2023’s likelihood of setting a warmest year milestone at 27.6%, along with a 92.9% probability of landing in the top-5 warmest range, and a greater than 99.5% chance of a top-10 year.

  • NOAA also stated with 95% confidence that the year will be between the 1st and 7th-warmest year on record.
  • The agency provides a helpful chart of how this year is trending compared to previous hottest years.
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