Sol-Up proudly holds the title of Nevada’s premier Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, and when it comes to renewable energy and power backup, we’re the top choice in Reno, Nevada. The Tesla Powerwall is the pinnacle of integrated battery systems, designed to safeguard your solar energy for uninterrupted power when the grid falters. With this cutting-edge solution, your system promptly detects outages and seamlessly replenishes its energy reserves using sunlight, ensuring your essential appliances keep running for days on end.

But that’s not all – we also bring the future of energy management to Reno, Nevada, through our Span Smart Solar Panels Installation. These panels revolutionize your electrical panel, offering unparalleled flexibility to control and supervise crucial zones of your home, all through the convenience of your smartphone. Whether you’re on vacation or facing a power outage alert, the power to decide what gets priority – from your refrigerator to your cherished wine collection and critical medical devices – is right at your fingertips. Sol-Up is your trusted partner for advanced energy solutions in the vibrant city of Reno, Nevada.

Picture this scenario: you’re on vacation and receive an alert about a power outage. With Span Smart Solar Panels Installation, the power to decide what receives immediate energy restoration rests right in your palm. Whether it’s your refrigerator, prized wine collection, or crucial medical devices, the choices are at your fingertips, ensuring you retain absolute control and peace of mind in Reno Nevada, Los Angeles California, Las Vegas Nevada.



The Tesla Powerwall will charge from excess Solar Panels Installation from Reno Nevada and discharge when needed.

Solar Panels Installation in Las Vegas Nevada, Solar Panels in Reno Nevada, Solar Panels Los Angeles California


In the realm of solar panels in Reno, Nevada, Tesla stands out for its remarkable achievements. Through vertical integration and innovative product design, Tesla delivers the most cost-effective per kWh in an integrated Off-Grid battery system. This exceptional feat is made possible by harnessing advanced cell technology and implementing cutting-edge battery management techniques, enabling unparalleled depth of discharge


In Reno, Nevada, where solar panels shine, the Tesla Powerwall takes center stage. This exceptional energy solution seamlessly merges a high-performance inverter, advanced thermal controller, and a state-of-the-art battery management system. The result? A consistent, high-quality, true sine power output that empowers you to lead an Off-Grid lifestyle without any compromises.

Solar Panels Installation in Las Vegas Nevada, Solar Panels in Reno Nevada, Solar Panels Los Angeles California


In Reno, Nevada, where the brilliance of solar panels reigns supreme, the Powerwall emerges as the unrivaled champion of Off-Grid Solar Panels Installation. It boldly flaunts a remarkable 10-year warranty, a testament to its enduring strength and reliability. With Powerwall, longevity isn’t just a promise; it’s a guarantee. This robust lifespan, coupled with its daily capacity, positions the Powerwall to not only outlast but also outshine conventional Off-Grid energy storage systems. When it comes to embracing the future of solar energy in Reno, Nevada, Powerwall stands tall, offering unmatched performance and peace of mind.

Solar Panels Installation in Las Vegas Nevada, Solar Panels in Reno Nevada, Solar Panels Los Angeles California


In the radiant realm of solar panels in Reno, Nevada, the Powerwall takes connectivity and customer experience to extraordinary heights. With an active internet connection, it seamlessly delivers free over-the-air updates, continuously enhancing features and functionality. But that’s not all; Powerwall goes the extra mile by offering comprehensive monitoring via a mobile app, providing real-time insights into your energy usage.


Tesla Powerwall is an integrated solution with the highest energy density of any residential battery. This results in compact and beautiful Solar Panel Installations in Reno Nevada, with no maintenance or toxic by- product.

Our Solar Panel installation services, available in Los Angeles, California, Reno Nevada, and Las Vegas Nevada, offer homeowners a sustainable solution to harness the power of the sun. With our expertise, we ensure efficient Solar Panel installations, reducing electricity bills and promoting a greener environment, providing long-term savings and eco-friendly power sources.


Sol-Up’s leadership team and German engineer founder, continually review new battery technologies and are pleased to report that Tesla continues to reign as the premier energy storage solution.

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Solar Panels Installation in Las Vegas Nevada, Solar Panels in Reno Nevada, Solar Panels Los Angeles California
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