Sol-Up is elated to have been a key sponsor for the inaugural fundraiser for The Nevada Conservation League (NCL) held in Reno. This landmark event was not only a step toward fostering a healthier Nevada but also marked the commencement of an annual tradition aimed at supporting year-round environmental advocacy efforts in the state.

A Star-Studded Affair

The fundraiser, graced by influential leaders and environmental advocates, was a night to remember. Among the distinguished hosts were:

  • Devon Reese, Reno City Council Member
  • Steve Yeager, Nevada Assemblyman
  • Margo Piscevich, the First Female President of the Nevada State Bar
  • Louis Bubala
  • Shaaron Netherton
  • Riley Sutton

Their presence lent gravity to the evening, underscoring the significance of the work that the NCL and Sol-Up are collectively committed to achieving.

The Importance of the Event

This fundraiser serves as the first of what will be an annual series of events in Reno. These gatherings are designed to fuel the Nevada Conservation League’s year-round initiatives in environmental advocacy. Projects supported by these fundraisers will focus on sustainable practices, renewable energy, climate change action, and wildlife preservation, among other critical environmental issues.

A Unified Vision for A Healthier Nevada

As always, the Nevada Conservation League will continue to empower citizens to advocate for a healthier Nevada. This partnership with Sol-Up strengthens the league’s capacity to work with elected officials to bring about positive environmental change. The collaborative energies of civic leaders, citizens, and businesses are essential in making Nevada a greener and more sustainable place to live.


The inaugural fundraiser for the Nevada Conservation League, sponsored by Sol-Up, serves as a testament to the collective will of Nevadans to protect and improve their environment. The annual nature of this event ensures that the NCL will have the resources it needs to enact meaningful change, year after year.

With gratitude to all the hosts and attendees, we look forward to the ripple effects that this initiative will inevitably create. Together, we move closer to realizing a greener, healthier Nevada for future generations.

If you’re inspired by this cause, visit Sol-Up and Nevada Conservation League’s websites to discover how you can contribute to our collective mission for a healthier Nevada.

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