When it comes to energy efficiency in homes, there’s a lot more to consider than just reducing your electricity bill. The ideal approach to energy efficiency is a holistic one, encompassing everything from solar energy solutions to energy-saving doors and windows. This is where Sol-Up‘s significant partnership with ProVia comes into the spotlight. By combining the strengths of Sol-Up’s solar energy solutions with ProVia’s high-quality doors and windows, homeowners in Nevada can expect nothing less than exceptional energy efficiency.

Why ProVia?

ProVia is a leader in the manufacturing of energy-efficient doors and windows. Their products not only meet but often exceed the energy performance criteria set by ENERGY STAR, making them a perfect fit for homeowners who are keen to conserve energy and save money. They are committed to craftsmanship, offering custom-built doors and windows that suit the unique needs of each home.

How ProVia Enhances Sol-Up’s Offering

Sol-Up, renowned for its innovative solar energy solutions, takes energy efficiency to the next level by incorporating ProVia’s range of products. With solar energy systems, you can generate electricity right at your home, reducing your dependence on the grid. Add ProVia’s energy-efficient doors and windows to the equation, and you have an ecosystem designed for maximum energy savings. These specially designed products act as a barrier, keeping conditioned air inside and outdoor air outside, thereby reducing the load on your HVAC systems.

Serving Multiple Areas Across Nevada

Sol-Up is not limited to a specific region within Nevada. Whether you are in Las Vegas, Reno, or any other part of the state, Sol-Up’s dedicated team is ready to provide you with an energy-efficient solution tailored to your needs. This wide range of service areas, backed by ProVia’s exceptional products, means more Nevada residents can benefit from optimized energy solutions.

The Future of Energy Efficiency With ProVia in Nevada

The Sol-Up and ProVia partnership isn’t just a business alliance; it’s a commitment to bettering the energy landscape of Nevada homes. As climate change continues to impact our lives, the need for energy-efficient solutions becomes increasingly important. This collaboration aims to be at the forefront of that change, offering practical, scalable solutions to homeowners across the state.


The Sol-Up and ProVia partnership brings together two giants in the realm of home energy solutions, providing a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency. ProVia’s premium doors and windows, combined with Sol-Up’s advanced solar energy systems, offer homeowners an effective way to reduce their carbon footprint while also saving on energy bills. This unique collaboration aims to transform the energy efficiency landscape for Nevada homes, making a lasting impact for years to come.

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