Sol-Up Is an Elite Pearl Contractor

About the Pearl Contractor Network

Pearl Certification helps homeowners capture the value of their home improvement investment for resale and appraisal with the Pearl Certification Report and completed Appraisal Addendum. While manufacturers of high-efficiency equipment may certify their products, Pearl only accepts the top 5% of all U.S. contractors into its elite Network. We’re proud to be the best of the best.

As a qualified Pearl Contractor, Sol-Up has met stringent requirements:

  • Customer service
  • Workmanship quality
  • Installation expertise
  • Technical training

A Comprehensive Home Approach

  • Improve Your Family’s Comfort
  • Enhance the Value of Your Home
  • Use Energy Responsibly
  • Make Wise Investments
  • Protect the Health of Everyone Under Your Roof

Sol-Up knows how to properly document your home’s energy efficient, high-performing features so they raise your home’s market value.

Sol-Up provides you with options to increase your energy efficiency while maximizing the return on your investment. Only contractors in the elite Pearl Network can offer Pearl Certification on all of their installations. Pearl assigns points to home features based on how much they contribute to your home’s energy efficiency performance. All Pearl Certified improvements contribute to your comfort, health and energy efficiency within these categories:
  • Building Shell
  • Home Managment
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Renewable Energy & Storage
  • Baseload

Sol-Up knows how to properly document your home’s energy efficient, high-performing features so they raise your home’s market value.

Pearl is a nationwide company who only works with 5% of all contractors in the country.

Once we’ve installed your solar, you will get access to a portal to set up an account. They will send an inspector to your house to look at everything ‘green’ related, like insulation, hvac and the solar we just installed. They will rate your home on a points based system. The most important part of this is they will give you an addendum that attaches to an appraisal for a monetary increase in your home’s value! For example, if you ever refinance, do a HELOC, sell or transfer your ownership. Think of this as investing into a stock, there is a monetary exit, if you ever decide to use it.

Sol-Up + Pearl Certification = Trust and Confidence!
Home Value

With Sol-Up and Pearl Certification, you can have confidence in your home and in your investment. Through Sol-Up, Pearl gives you the tools to maximize your home’s appraisal or price when the time comes to refinance or sell with the Pearl Certification Report and completed Appraisal Addendum.

Long-term Peace-of-Mind

Sol-Up is a financially stable, long-established contractor with a proven track record of excellence. This ensures that anytime you need service or support on your equipment, Sol-Up will be here to assist you!

After installation, Sol-Up and Pearl have you covered

Along with your Pearl Certification Report, you will gain access to Pearl’s Green Door Web App to help you manage and further improve your high performing home. With Green Door, you have access to top-notch resources and guidance throughout your journey of home ownership.

The Pearl Network Contractor Difference -Better in Every Way that Matters to Homeowners:

  • Superior Customer Service and value proven through online ratings, Better Business Bureau history, and strategic, well-developed approach to serving customers and solving problems
  • Business Best Practices indicated by proper licenses, internal processes, permits and relationships with subcontractors and industry organizations
  • Commitment to Quality expressed through continuous education, product training, and safety training that is provided for the workforce
  • Commitment to Community lived out through a sense of responsibility and mission to serve others, whether locally or globally
  • Technical and Thought Leadership demonstrated through engagement in industry associations, commitment to trade-specific qualifications and knowledge of emerging trends
Through Pearl Certification, Sol-Up helps safeguard your financial investment for energy efficiency improvements by providing appraisal documentation about the improvements you make in your home.
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