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Navigating the Current Climate Change Fight in Government and Sol-Up’s Role in it

May 31, 2023|Categories: Did you Know?, In the News|

At Sol-Up, we're deeply committed to being a part of the solution to climate change, continually investing in technologies and practices that help build a more sustainable world. As such, we keep a keen eye on government policies and actions, recognizing that their decisions can have a profound effect on the future of renewable energy. In today's post, we'd like to share

Simplifying SREC/PEC Applications: Sol-Up’s Hassle-Free Solution

May 27, 2023|Categories: Did you Know?, In the News|

In today's rapidly evolving world, solar energy has emerged as a promising solution to combat climate change while saving on electricity bills. As homeowners and businesses increasingly adopt solar power systems, they can take advantage of various incentives and benefits, including Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) and Production Energy Credits (PECs). However, navigating the complexities of SREC/PEC applications can be overwhelming for

Experience the Future of Energy Storage

May 24, 2023|Categories: In the News|

As we embrace the era of renewable energy, having an efficient and reliable energy storage system has never been more critical. Sol-Up, a premier leader in the solar industry, has made it its mission to bring the best solar technologies to homes and businesses. One of these groundbreaking technologies is the Tesla Powerwall, a compact, scalable home battery system. Sol-Up's Tesla Powerwall

Premier Solar Application and Form Services

May 22, 2023|Categories: Did you Know?, In the News|

Are you seeking a sustainable, cost-effective energy solution for your home or business? Look no further than Sol-Up, a leading cutting-edge solar application and form services provider. With our customer-centric approach, we're committed to helping you harness the power of the sun. Harness the Power of Solar Energy with Sol-Up Sol-Up believes in the limitless potential of renewable energy and has made

Harnessing the Sun: The Current State and Growth of Solar Energy in the U.S.

May 19, 2023|Categories: Did you Know?, In the News|

Once considered an unrealistic and expensive dream, solar energy has transformed into a bright reality for the United States. When the sun rises each morning, it doesn't just illuminate our world – it presents an opportunity to harness its power and transform it into sustainable, renewable energy. This post delves into the current state and growth of solar energy in the U.S.,

Revolutionizing Renewable Energy: Sol-Up’s Span Smart Panels

May 17, 2023|Categories: In the News|

In an era where environmental sustainability is paramount, the need for renewable energy solutions has never been more pressing. Solar power has emerged as a leading alternative, providing clean, abundant, and cost-effective energy. To further propel the solar energy revolution, Sol-Up is proud to introduce Span Smart Panels—a groundbreaking technology that merges advanced solar panels with intelligent energy management systems. This blog

Sol-Up Achievements

April 26, 2023|Categories: Did you Know?, In the News|

Sol-Up is a leading solar power installation company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Founded in 2009, the company has quickly established itself as an industry leader and an advocate for clean, renewable energy. With a focus on customer satisfaction and quality service, Sol-Up has made a significant impact on the solar energy market in Nevada. In this post, we will explore some

Good news on wasted gas — with an asterisk

April 6, 2023|Categories: Did you Know?, In the News|

The amount of natural gas flared — that is, burned off — at oil and gas sites dropped 3% last year even as crude output grew, a World Bank analysis finds, Ben writes. Why it matters: The drop is a welcome sign, but researchers warn the problem remains large and persistent despite the progress. The practice wastes gas and adds to greenhouse gas emissions. One wild stat: "If

Community disaster relief combats federal failures

April 6, 2023|Categories: Did you Know?, In the News|

It's long been clear that uneven federal disaster recovery and relief efforts exacerbate racial and social divides, Axios' Ayurella Horn-Muller writes. The big picture: From tracking disaster impacts on Black communities following a devastating tornado to providing food supplies to Latino farmers amid deadly wildfires, community-based organizations across the country are revising that narrative. Driving the news: California's predominately Latino farmworkers are facing loss of homes and livelihoods, following back-to-back bomb cyclones.