Las Vegas, NV – Sol-Up, Nevada’s Premier Number #1 Solar company, hosted the Nevada stop of the national “Made By” tour focusing on President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act and Clean Energy Jobs Boom report. 

Nevada Senator Fabian Doñate and climate activists joined local solar business SolUp Tuesday, 31 October, to highlight the recent growth in clean energy projects in Nevada. Recent investments stemming from the Inflation Reduction Act totaling more than $9 billion have since propelled Nevada’s already robust clean energy economy. 

Participants discussed the opportunities made possible by state and federal legislation to support workers, build a more resilient and sustainable economy, and aid in the fight against climate change. 

Nevada has long been a leader in solar manufacturing and is now becoming a central player in battery manufacturing in the U.S. Clean energy investments have already spurred $9.14 billion in investments in Nevada and helped create or move forward 11,500 good-paying clean energy jobs in the state. 

“We’re in the middle of a clean energy transition, and Sol-Up is grateful to be helping lead that transition within Nevada’s business community. We’ve been the backbone of cutting-edge technology while helping revolutionize solar engineering since 2009,” said Steve Hamile, Chief Operating Officer of SolUp. “Demand for solar is only going to continue to grow and thanks to the historic investments from President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan, these investments give Nevadans more jobs, cleaner energy, and a strong economy.” 

“I’m proud that Nevada is leading the way in the clean energy transition, and that our local, state, and federal governments are working together to make this happen,” said Nevada Senator Fabian Doñate. “I co-sponsored SB 293 to help make sure that the solar industry works for everyone and that consumers are protected from bad actors and deceptive third-party salespeople. Our clean energy future depends on the strength of today’s clean energy economy, and the passage of SB 293 was a critical step in the right direction. At the federal level, the Inflation Reduction Act represents the most significant climate legislation in our country’s history, and a huge boost for our economy.”

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