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Sol-Up is one of the best solar companies in Las Vegas. Our experience, knowledge, and high-quality Panasonic solar panels can help you save money and help the environment. Allow us to install your home solar system and help you keep your costs down this summer and year around.

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Best solar panels in Las Vegas

Sol-Up offers the best solar panels in Las Vegas. With brands like Panasonic solar panels, which operate better than other solar panels in the hot Las Vegas summers and operate at maximum efficiency longer than its competitors, Sol-Up will ensure you’re getting the best all around in Las Vegas solar.

We pride ourselves on clear communication, so you can understand exactly what you’re getting, how Nevada solar power is regulated, and what the ROI will be on your home solar panel system.

What are the advantages of Panasonic solar panels?

The amazing benefit of premium Panasonic solar panels is there is a 25-year product and performance warranty. Panels that are made in the U.S.A., opened as a joint venture with Tesla.  We are proud to ensure each customer will receive an American manufactured panel with a warranty that is upheld here in America.

The unique HIT cell structure and science used by Panasonic incorporates both crystalline and amorphous technology into the cell.  This actually retains more power that is lost through conventional crystalline cells. The HIT technology allows the solar cells to have a market leading temperature coefficient. The advantage of this, as Panasonic solar panels get hotter on during the summer, as for losing efficiency, the Panasonic cells experience the least losses.

Residential and commercial solar power in Nevada

If you’re looking for residential or commercial solar power in Nevada, Sol-Up is the best option. Our dedicated team will walk you through the entire Las Vegas solar process, from initial consultation and design, professional solar panel installation, and maintenance to ensure you are taken care of and getting the best return on investment on your residential solar panels. When choosing a Las Vegas solar company, choose Sol-Up for the highest level of customer service, best quality solar panels, and competitive pricing.

Your one-stop shop for Nevada solar power

There are many solar companies available to choose from, and it often gets overwhelming trying to figure out where to go to get your Las Vegas solar. But Sol-Up makes the process easy and transparent. We stand out as a solar company because we are committed to the highest customer service first and foremost–just ask our customers!

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We are passionate to educate our customers about the benefits of solar energy. We work hard to make sure every one of our customers receives the quality solar panels they need for their home or commercial property. Make Sol-Up your only choice for solar power and Contact us today to speak with one of our team members for a free quote and start saving money today!

Meyer Burger Solar Panels

With Meyer Burger it has never been easier to present yourself in the best possible light. Our high performing solar modules are produced locally in Germany to the highest standards. This philosophy enables you to live an honestly sustainable lifestyle that will pay off for generations.