Suntastic Solar Panel Showroom

The Only Suntastic Solar Showroom In Las Vegas!

Sol-Up is the only Solar Company in Las Vegas offering an on-site Suntastic showroom and warehouse. We believe that our clients need to see, feel and actually touch the products they are interested in purchasing, similarly to other buying experiences. So far, interested customers only had the chance to look on a neighbor’s roof from a far distance to get a slight imagination of what would be installed on their own house.

In our showroom we display a precise simulation of all the solar system components and the way they are installed on the roof. We present our unique roof racking technology and how we ensure to keep your roof sealed for the many years to come. We demonstrate the way cables run through the attic and how everything is hooked up to the main electric panel. A TV screen is showing slide shows of our already completed projects.

There is one thing that is really important to us: We at Sol-Up understand our responsibility to the local community and see it as our obligation to voluntarily teach and educate people about the benefits of solar energy in this state. That’s why we regularly organize complimentary solar seminars in our show room for all kinds of interested people. Our audience ranges from school classes to adult education groups always inspiring everybody to get involved into the promotion of this exciting technology. Please let us know if you’re interested to join just by yourself or in connection with a group of people.

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