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Summerlin residents and business owners, are you ready to save money and go green with solar panels? Sol-Up is the premier solar panel design and installation company serving Summerlin residents and businesses alike. Whether your primary goal is to reduce your energy costs or support environmental initiatives, Sol-Up has been successfully providing solar panel installation in Summerlin and its surrounding areas for years.


Full Service Summerlin Solar Panel Installation Company


We are a full service solar panel installation company, taking care of the entire solar panel installation process from initial estimate, design, and installation, including all required paperwork for rebates, credits, and even homeowners association approvals. Have your Summerlin solar panel system installed with efficiency and excellent customer service. Our highly trained solar panel installation professionals will install your Summerlin solar panels using the highest quality industry standards, which is why people are calling Sol-Up for their Summerlin residential solar panel installation.


Solar Panel Financing Available


Summerlin solar panel installation can be one of the best investment opportunities today. In addition to saving money by reducing your electricity usage, installing a solar panel system in Summerlin can add value to your home for resale purposes. Ask us about our various financing options to make a high quality solar panel system possible for your Summerlin home.


Highest Quality Customer Service in Summerlin


Summerlin residents have many choices when choosing a solar panel installation company. Why Sol-Up? We have worked with Summerlin residents and your Nevada residents for years and have the most satisfied customers. Sol-Up is committed to the highest quality service throughout the entire process, including design and pricing of the solar panel system for your Summerlin home, walking you through financing options, completing all necessary paperwork, and providing the highest caliber installation of your Summerlin solar panel system.


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