We Take Pride In Our Quality

Put your mind at ease. A serious solar investment requires a quality contractor.

Buying a solar panel system is a serious investment for most people. To guarantee the payback, it must provide carefree operations that many other solar companies don’t consider. We at Sol-Up are crazy about the quality. So crazy that we’ll do everything in our control to make sure you have the best Nevada Power options available to you. We’re consistently checking all the components of our solar systems for possible improvements and stay in intensive dialog with our suppliers to always provide the highest quality. We also want to ensure that your rooftop solar panels are at its lowest price point. A solar project consist of many stages and every single element must be performed with the highest diligence.

  • Product Quality

  • Engineering Quality

    The best product is useless if it isn’t designed to perform under given circumstances. Here at Sol-Up Las Vegas, we take pride in using the most sophisticated software tools for system design and mathematical calculations in order to receive the things you need like electricity in Las Vegas. It can get hot out there and AC is essential! Each of our systems has gone through a number of engineering steps which promises that the requested specifications are acknowledged before being installed on the rooftop. Our clients can be sure to get exactly what they have paid for and what has been specified in our proposal.

  • Installation Quality

    Our installers are the best professionals in Las Vegas, if not the best in the state of Nevada. They are always supervised by a foreman with many years of solar power installation experience. All our staff members are sharing Sol-Up’s total quality commitment and are dedicated to doing the best job possible. Because of their consistent workload, our Las Vegas solar experts are trained to keep up and develop their skills on a daily basis even under the extreme conditions during the hot Las Vegas summers. We’re lucky to provide the valley with solar jobs in Las Vegas as well, helping our community in every way we can.

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