Affordable Solar Energy

Solar Power Becomes More Accessible

We at Sol-Up believe that solar energy and the installation of solar panels must be affordable to anyone who is able to pay a power bill. The price for solar modules has lowered by more than half in the last few years. Advanced racking technology and rapidly improving installation skills further help to reduce costs to a level that can be paid off in just a few years, ultimately reducing your average electric bill.

We continuously optimize our installation techniques and reduce our own expenses to an absolute minimum, in turn providing you with the lowest price possible so that you can quickly go solar! Our lean management structure and the intensive use of computer software in all stages of the solar project life cycle enable us to operate with the smallest margins while still maintaining the state of a healthy and profitable company. Our goal is to not only make Nevada Power affordable, but energy all over the country. Yes, we’re ambitious but also realistic.

Unlike others, we always provide you with the best price right from the beginning. It’s important to us that you don’t overspend and eventually reach an affordable electric bill. We treat every one in the same way no matter if you’re old or young, or have a big or small home. Our commitment is to help all Las Vegas residents to go solar, and we equally enjoy selling a small system to a retired couple as well as a large solar panel array for a fancy home.

One thing we never do though is compromise on solar panel installation quality. So, if you ask for quotes from different companies make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Please consider all stages of the solar project including installing solar panels and mounting equipment. In the most unlikely event that we are still more expensive than a competitor, show us their quote and we will match it.

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