Government Solar Power Benefits Buildings of Any Size

Sustainability Saves Taxpayers Money

Over the past few years, the cost of going solar has dropped significantly, making solar power more prevalent, affordable and accessible than ever before. Clean and renewable energy not only reduces pollution, it can save governmental organizations millions of dollars by reducing operating costs. Coupled with predictable savings and a fast return on investment timeframe, the decision to install solar power for government buildings seems like a no brainer.

State and federal incentives are also available for government solar panel installations. Currently, there is a 30-percent federal tax credit available for all solar array projects. Certain utility companies, such as NV Energy for Nevada, may have additional incentives for government solar projects up to a certain size.

Decentralized Power Leads to Smart Grid Stabilization

With backup storage capability and decentralizing power, solar energy in government buildings enables smart grid stabilization during emergencies and security threats. All of our solar arrays have monitoring features that allow for easy maintenance and diagnostics.

Newer and smarter inverter technology now allows for intelligent interfaces that can perform voltage regulation. With features such as remote-controlled power reduction and reactive power control, rooftop and ground-mount government solar panels can help stabilize the grid.

Sol-Up provides a wide range of solar technology solutions that are approved for federal government procurement. Our suppliers are financially secure and properly insured for peace of mind. With a team of solar experts and an installation crews working under prevailing wages, Sol-Up delivers quality results and always-on-time solar power projects for government organizations.


Sol-Up is equipped to handle government solar tracking projects of any size.

With a solid financial history, Sol-Up partners with the best manufacturers, consulting allies and collaborators in several sectors to deliver maximum performance and successful solar installation projects for the government.

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A Single Source Provider for All Your Government Solar Needs

Sol Up USA, LLC focuses on developing services that provide the highest energy-cost savings by performing solar installations that guarantee maximum performance at low maintenance, while addressing your immediate energy needs. Utilizing only the latest technologies for panels, inverter and racking systems, Sol-Up provides state-of-the-art solutions. But before beginning any installation, we always coordinate with you on the commercial or federal government solar-energy objectives for the project.

Sol-Up Alliance for Government and Military Projects

Sol-Up has made it our mission to assist our government and military clients by developing a team-partnering alliance and aligning with Ms. Mari King, CEO of MK Federal Services, a Woman-Owned Small Business (pending), Minority Business Enterprise and Small Disadvantaged Business. The partnership will will drive optimum performance in not only government solar, but also renewable energy services, including LED lighting, lighting components and energy storage within the coming months. The Sol Up-MK Federal Services energy team will provide multiple energy services and assist many of the larger defense design, engineering and manufacturing firms to focus on the immediate renewable energy contracting needs of each military base.

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