Making Las Vegas the Solar Capital of the World

Sol-Up is a local privately owned company with a rock solid financial base and a single goal: to make Las Vegas the Solar Capital of the World. Our success completely relies on the satisfaction of our customers and their experience in doing business with us. It’s not about showing off – it’s how we are. We believe in honesty, reliability, respect and responsibility and will always treat you in exactly the same manner as we would want to be treated ourselves.


  • We’re an engineering driven company and our true commitment is to simply provide you with the best solution available at the lowest price possible.
  • We don’t send out sales people to you but energy consultants with the highest expertise on solar.
  • We will never sell you a system that’s not feasible for you or doesn’t fit your personal situation.
  • We will always leave you time enough to make a well profound decision and never push you in signing a contract.
  • We don’t want to be everybody’s darling: We specialize in solar, nothing else and we are the best at what we do.
  • We advise you on other home improvements and are happy to connect you to true and best-in-the-field professionals from our extensive partner network.
  • We provide you with information you can totally rely on and you will get exactly what we promised.
  • We are always reachable by phone and mail and we stand precisely to every appointment we make with you.
Solar is a long term investment and you want to be sure that your solar integrator is on your side for many years to come. Sol-Up will always be there for you!

Request Quote: (702) 586-9800