Solar is a Good Investment

What Are the Benefits of Solar?
An Investment With All The Rewards And No Risks

Solar Power Fact: The savings on your monthly power bills coupled with preserving a cleaner planet make solar absolutely worth it!

Solar is good for the environment. A less known fact is that buying a solar system is probably one of the best investment opportunities available today, especially if you live in a location like Las Vegas. All of our solar systems are warranted to work for at least 25 years and substantially increase the value of your home in case you need to move out earlier.

Risk vs. Rewards

Any investment decision is based on two factors: Profit and Risk. The bigger the risk – the higher the possible profit. If you want to be on the safe side, placing money in a bank savings account will earn you less then 0.5% interest rate per year. Or if you’re hunting for the bargain, the stock market is where you should look – if things go well you can make a profit of 10% over a few years – if not you might lose it all. An investment in solar has the highest returns among all investment products with little to no risks!

A Sol-Up Solar System Has All the Rewards Without the Risk

An investment into a Sol-Up solar system combines all the good parts. At Sol-Up, our prices for equipment have gone down greatly the past years and our installation skills became much more efficient. This reduced the total costs of our systems today to about 50% of what that they used to be just a few years ago and guarantee the solar owner an annual profit of between 7 and 15%! And the best news about it is – this all comes with a risk smaller than having a bank account. Trust us: The sun will always shine in Las Vegas, and for those of you who like the speculation aspect of an investment: The SREC/PEC program (ask our consultant) might provide you with additional benefits which could blow up your profits in the future!

Another important argument to consider is that a solar system, even if you have to take a loan to finance it, locks in your electricity rates. It gives you complete freedom of inflation risks and ever rising utility costs. Future time-of-use programs which will tremendously raise rates for normal clients during the summer afternoon periods can not affect you since your solar system will take care of it.

To find out if solar is a good investment for your home, contact us today!

NV Energy – Single Family Residential Total Rate (per kWh)
1985 to 2013
Single-Family Residential Rate (per kWh)
1985 to 2013

SPPC = Sierra Pacific Power Company

NPC = Nevada Power Company aka NV Energy

Nevada Power Company – Single-Family Residential Average Monthly Bill
1985 to 2013

Sources: Public Utilities Commission of Nevada’s Presentation to the Legislative Committee on Energy – July 25, 2014. To download the original pdf, please click here.

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