Financing Available For Solar Systems

Financing Your Solar Energy Costs

We at Sol-Up believe that every home owner in Las Vegas should have a solar system. Being our own energy producer is no doubt one of the best financial investment opportunities today. Otherwise we realize that many people especially in today’s troubled economy sometimes have problems to come up with the initial costs. We provide several programs that help homeowners in financing their solar system and are easy to apply for. All combine highly competitive interest rates with flexible payment options. In general Sol-Up is offering two plans which differ in regards to credit period and payment process.

Short term financing with regular monthly payments

This program is exclusively offered by Sol-Up in Las Vegas. It includes up to 84 equal monthly payments which in turn give an increased tax credit. It is the best choice for homeowners who have some cash reserves but do not feel comfortable to spend all of it for the purchase of the solar system.

Long term financing with total payment flexibility

This new program works like a credit card and enables the homeowner to pay back the loan at his own discretion. Depending on the credit score it offers very low interest rates and complete peace of mind. It is ideal for clients who are looking to lock in their electricity rates and stay out of inflation trouble without risking their liquidity.

Admirals Bank

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Aloha Pacific

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For loans through Enerbank, please contact our office.

Nevada State Bank

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